Montepulciano – What’s in a name?

When promoting wines from a smaller, less-known region, having a popular grape variety can entice people to try a wine they otherwise would not try. Generally, people may not know Wairarapa, but they know Pinot Noir. They may have no idea which country Maipo Valley is in, but they know they like Cabernet Sauvignon.So, itContinue reading “Montepulciano – What’s in a name?”

Tintilia – The Grape of Molise

An IntroductionEven those who consider themselves experts on Italian wine may look at you with a blank face when you mention “Tintilia”. When further asked which country they think it’s from the likely response is “Well…Spain…of course…” followed by a shrug & the plain desire on their face to switch to the topic of Barolo. This…